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About us

Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has been in a high-speed development, making the building materials industry's production momentum have maintained a strong demand momentum.

Today, the world is paying attention to environmental protection. It has become a trend that paint and building materials replace ceramic tile to decorate walls and floors. According to statistics, in 2018 China's paint production has exceeded 22.43 million tons, jumping to become the world's largest paint producer and the largest paint consumer.

Thanks to China's favorable policies for reform and opening up, Guangdong's development in all aspects has been ahead of other parts of China. Therefore, in terms of coating production, there is a saying that Chinese coatings look at Guangdong, while the Guangdong Coatings Production Center is located in Shunde, Foshan. In 2006, Guangdong Shunde was awarded the first “Hometown of Chinese Coatings”. Over 30% of China's coatings production came from Shunde.

Located in Shunde, Guangdong Shunde Youqing Paint Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional paint manufacturer. The factory covers an area of more than 5,000 square meters. It is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It specializes in producing latex paint, real stone paint and floor. Paint and other architectural decoration coatings, with a number of product production technology patents, is a contract-honoring and credit-worthy enterprise in Guangdong Province.

All along, Friendly Paint provides coating products supply services for more than 100 large-scale construction projects such as Country Garden Real Estate Site and China Railway Construction Project. More than 3,000 Friendly paint brands have joined the distributors in all regions of China, fully reflecting the products of Friendly paint. The quality and service level have been fully affirmed by consumers and widely recognized in the coatings market.

In order to better supply high quality coating products to customers all over the world, Friendly Paint has invested a lot of money, upgraded staffing, production sites, technical equipment, scientific research and development, and introduced a series of modern manufacturing machines. , to achieve automated process operations, greatly enhance the production strength and scale, to achieve full load continuity and high production capacity, so that each order can be produced within 24 hours, to achieve fast and efficient delivery to the customer's purpose .

On the basis of achieving excellent production strength and perfect supporting services, Friendly Paint strictly controls the company's internal standard management, docking global service processes, planning production and service according to international standards, and creating a production enterprise that meets the requirements of today's foreign export. To ensure that the products can be smoothly exported to every country and region that customers need, and concentrate on providing professional OEM services to suppliers in any region of the world, customizing the production of low-carbon and environmentally-friendly paints of various specifications and varieties, and ensuring that the products conform to international use. Standard, smooth and safe to use in the sales area.

Guangdong Shunde Youqing Paint Building Material Co., Ltd. is a one-stop operation that has large-scale production and supply capacity, professional and perfect export supporting services, and fast realization of production and export for order customers, so that every customer in the world can do it. You can get high quality coating products smoothly when you go out.



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