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What factors affect the service life of real stone paint?

What factors affect the service life of real stone paint?

In today's decorative building materials, real stone lacquer is a coating product widely used in exterior wall building decoration, which accounts for the largest proportion in the entire wall surface protection structure. During the use process, what factors should be noticed to extend the service life of real stone paint?

I. Thermal stress on the external wall

This mainly refers to the local force caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the wall, which can cause non-structural changes in the outer wall such as expansion and contraction, and make it in an unstable state, which can accelerate the aging of the coating emulsion material. Therefore, the external wall thermal stress should be attributed to the most important external cause of shortening the life of real stone paint. Compared with multi-storey buildings and factory buildings, the exterior finishes of high-rise buildings are generally larger and are more exposed to sunlight. Because in the decoration design of exterior walls, it is recommended to choose real stone paint putty with elastic crack resistance to improve the real stone paint finish. Resistance to deformation.

Finished wind pressure

Generally speaking, the outer wall generates thrust in the forward wind and suction in the reverse direction. Both of these forces will cause the top layer of real stone paint to rupture the surface layer and infiltrate into rainwater, sand, etc. In order for real stone paint to have a certain ability to resist wind pressure, it is required that the construction of real stone paint has no hollowness and delamination. The volume expansion of the external wall under negative wind pressure will damage the external wall base.

Third, environmental water vapor

In order to avoid the damage of water to high-rise buildings, it is necessary to choose real stone paints that do not absorb water and have good hydrophobicity, avoid the problem of increased moisture content inside the wall during the migration process, and improve the water resistance and freeze-thaw resistance of real stone paints. .

Four, high altitude fire

High-rise buildings have more stringent fire protection requirements than multi-story buildings. Real stone paint on exterior walls should have good fire and flame retardant functions to prevent the spread of fire and not produce smoke or toxic gases. In addition, problems such as cracking and peeling of the topcoat should also be achieved, otherwise it is easy to cause difficulties for residents in rescue work.

V. Surface vibration

Ground surface seismic forces will cause distortion of high-rise building structures and exterior wall coatings. The greater the rigidity of the real stone paint surface layer, the greater the vibration force it will bear, and the more serious the damage may be. This requires real stone paint to meet the requirements of flexibility under the premise of ensuring adhesion, reduce the load on the surface protection layer, and prevent large-scale cracking, peeling and even peeling under the influence of ground vibration.

I hope the above suggestions will be helpful to you who are engaged in real stone paint agency or construction.



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