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Emulsion paint agent

Primer effect of latex paint

Primer refers to a coating that is applied directly to the surface of a surface as a solid foundation for the topcoat. The primer is the first layer of the paint system.

Primer effect of latex paint

The main role is:

It is used to improve the adhesion of the topcoat, increase the fullness of the topcoat, provide alkali resistance, provide anti-corrosion function, etc., and at the same time ensure the uniform absorption of the topcoat and make the paint system perform optimally.

The primer is the first layer to be brushed. Its main function is to make the paint surface flat, so that the paint on the opposite side can support the paint surface, making the paint surface look fuller, reducing the cost during the decoration, and saving Energy, and topcoat is the last “gatekeeper” in the entire paint system. It can reflect the gloss, feel and scratch resistance of the entire paint surface. Therefore, the quality of the top paint directly determines the whole paint. The film is good or bad.

Primer effect of latex paint

The difference between primer and topcoat:

the first

The composition of the two is different. The primer contains the resin, the auxiliary agent, the solvent and the filler, while the top coat is composed of the resin, the solvent, the auxiliary agent and little or no filler.


Primers and topcoats are both latex paints and usually require a combination of the two. When painting the wall, it is usually necessary to brush the primer after the putty is completely dried. Usually the primer needs to be brushed twice. Because the wall has a large paint surface, the primer is adjusted. When you need to add some water moderately, you can ensure that the primer is evenly applied. When the topcoat is painted, it usually needs to be painted three times on the wall, and it can't add too much water like the primer because Adding too much water will affect the feel, thickness and hardness of the paint film. Therefore, it is only necessary to add a little water to the last pass when brushing the topcoat.



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