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What makes a perfect real stone paint construction?

What makes a perfect real stone paint construction?

Because the real stone paint has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, realistic imitating stone effect, and cheaper cost than marble, it is being favored by many consumers. However, "three points of material, seven points of construction", no matter how good the product is only perfect construction, can show the superiority of the product.

So, how should real stone paint be applied in order to perfectly display its decorative effect.

First, please choose a professional real stone paint construction team. Have certain construction experience, work conscientiously and responsibly, without delay or delay. If you encounter any problem, you can come up with a solution to solve it.

2. Due to the heavy weight and large amount of real stone paint, large packaging specifications (75KG / barrel) are commonly used. When long-distance transportation or long-term storage is used, precipitation will occur. The whole barrel should be bottomed before construction. Stir the mixture evenly. The application viscosity has been adjusted before leaving the factory. It is not recommended to add water to dilute the viscosity.

3. It is recommended to spray the real stone paint with a hanging basket. The scaffolding spraying will leave the scaffolding joints. It cannot be seen without disassembling the scaffolding. It is more obvious after removal.

Fourth, air temperature: usually under 5ºc to 35ºc temperature; humidity: suitable for construction air humidity of 60% -70%, more than 85% and rainy days can not be used; to ensure that no rain within 24 hours after spraying; wind Above 4 grades can not be sprayed with real stone paint.

Fifth, the air pressure of the air compressor should be more than 8kg. The actual amount of coating will vary depending on the roughness of the base surface or the use of different construction processes. Test the coating rate according to the site conditions before construction.

I hope that the above experience can be helpful to the agents and related personnel.



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