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Emulsion paint agent

Latex paint construction

Indoor latex paint, the approximate steps are, wall repair - putty - sanding - repair - primer - topcoat - topcoat! This is a general step.

Wall repair

The wall of the blank or the house where the putty layer has been completed, the base layer requires that the base layer be flat and strong. There must be no phenomena such as chalking, sanding, hollowing, or falling off. The unevenness of the base layer and the surface of the pit should be smoothed with matching putty. The yin and yang angles must be measured by the ink line to find the vertical aluminum pass to measure the horizontal and vertical uniformity. After the putty, the putty should be constructed after the putty is completely dried. This is required by the "China Interior Decoration Inspection Standards".

Latex paint construction

Putty putty

Generally speaking, the interior wall latex paint, after the wall is built, is finished after the plastering is completed, the general package unit will carry out two plastering, and the second surface will be filled with the finishing effect.

Therefore, the putty is generally applied, and the role of the putty is to make the wall more flat. Double fly powder can also be used as putty, generally with 801 + 809 glue plus double fly powder to stir.

However, it is rarely used now, basically it is to buy the putty powder in the finished bag, and stir it with water.

Wall polishing

After the putty is put, there is always some unevenness, or the base layer is not very flat. At this time, sandpaper is required to be manually polished and repaired. The middle can also be illuminated with sun light for easy inspection of flatness. Sanding with sandpaper is constantly improving.

Latex paint construction

Paint operation

Most of the paint construction methods include brush, stick brush, spray gun and batch.

The row of brushes is the most material, but it takes a lot of time. Of course, the slow work is good, and the wall effect is flat. Since the latex paint dries quickly, each brush surface should be completed as much as possible, otherwise it will easily form a seam. When you manually brush, you must start from a point, start in order, don't let the oil go, and the oil is soaked, so the effect of easy to leak or the out will be uneven, ugly. When brushing the hand, don't use too much paint, just don't fall down as well, otherwise it is easy to paint the wall with "tears".

In the case of roller coating, in order to avoid roller marks, the overlapping width is 1/4 of the length of the roller, and the roller is generally applied twice. In summer, the interval should be more than 2 hours, and winter may require more time.

The effect of the spray gun will be better, the surface of the wall will be granular, relatively natural, fast, time-saving, but not easy to repair. The batch works best, but it costs the most. However, the batch can not be too good paint, the effect of ordinary latex paint is also very good.

The spray gun should be smooth when spraying, and the distance between the nozzle and the wall should be 30-50 cm, which should not be too close or too far. The spray gun moves regularly, and the horizontal and vertical directions are S-shaped painted wall surface. Generally, it should move at a constant speed between 400 and 600 mm per minute. It is necessary to pay attention to the uniform color and uniform thickness of the joints, and to prevent leakage and runny.



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