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What are the common problems with latex paint?

As the latex paint gradually entered each household, the problems with the latex paint also followed. In order to let everyone know more about the latex paint, Xiaobian compiled several common problems of latex paint for your reference. : Common quality defects of latex paint are foaming, anti-alkali powder, flow falling, bottoming and uneven coating.

1, foaming:

Foaming in the latex paint is mainly due to improper treatment of the substrate and the coating is too thick. To prevent this problem, you can evenly stir the paint before use, master the consistency of the paint, and apply the glue on the front layer of the putty layer. When you need to repair the rework, you need to clean the foaming and peeling area, and then repair the glue after brushing 107.

2, anti-alkali powder:

The main reason is that the base layer is not dry and the construction is carried out. Such problems are easily caused by the absence of a brush seal primer and the coating being too thin. If there is a case of anti-alkali powder, rework and recoat. The material that has been brushed is clear, and the base layer is dried and then applied. The primer must be brushed once.

What are the common problems with latex paint?

3, the flow:

The problem of falling is generally due to the coating viscosity being too low and the layer being too thick. In the construction, it is necessary to adjust the consistency of the paint. When operating, the pen should be diligent, less sturdy and diligent, so as to avoid the problem of sag and runny. In the event of a falling, wait until the paint film is dry and then sand it with fine sandpaper. After cleaning the finish, apply a top coat.

4, through the bottom:

When the paint is too thin, the material quality is poor, and the number of times is not enough to cause the bottom to pass through. Therefore, in the construction of latex paint, it is necessary to select a product with high solid content and strong hiding power. When the bottom is present, the standard for wall painting can be achieved by increasing the number of times the topcoat is applied.

5, the coating is not smooth:

The paint liquid has impurities, the paint liquid is too thick, and the quality of the latex paint is poor, which may cause this problem. If you want to avoid the coating from being smooth, you need to use a paint with good leveling during the construction. Before applying the last coat, filter the paint and use it. The paint should not be too thick. If you find this problem, smooth it with fine sandpaper and then apply a top coat.



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