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2015 latex paint brand ranking

Latex paint is a home improvement material that must be used for every home decoration. Knowing the top ten brands of 2015 Latex Paint can effectively guide us to buy safe and reliable, pollution-free latex paint, so that the people who buy it are happy and the people who use it are at ease.

Latex paint, also known as synthetic resin emulsion coating, is a kind of organic coating. It is a kind of water-based coating prepared by adding pigment, filler and various additives to synthetic resin emulsion. According to the different raw materials, latex paints mainly include polyvinyl acetate latex paint, ethylene-propylene latex paint, pure acrylic latex paint, styrene-acrylic latex paint, etc.; according to the applicable environment of the product, it is divided into interior wall latex paint and exterior wall latex. Paint two kinds; according to the decorative gloss effect can be divided into matt, matte, semi-light, mercerized and light type.

The top ten brands of 2015 latex paint are as follows:

1. Nippon Nippon (China Famous Brand, Top Ten Brand of Wall Paint Latex Paint, Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd.)

2. Dulux Dulux (UK ICI Group World Brand, Top Ten Brands of Wall Paint Latex Paint, Bu Nei Men Taikoo Paint Oil China Co., Ltd.)

3, Mei Tusi Maydos (China famous brand, Guangdong famous brand, China environmental labeling products, Guangdong Meitu Shihua Chemical Group)

4. China Resources Huarun (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, Top Ten Wall Paint Latex Paint, China Resources (Group) Co., Ltd.)

5, Carpoly Carpoly (China famous brand, China famous brand, top ten wall paint latex paint, Guangdong Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd.)

6, Carlisle Calusy (China famous brand, top ten wall paint latex paint, Guangdong famous paint brand)

7, Zhuang Dian paint Pre-Tex (China famous brand, paint top ten brands, the global paint giant of the United States Dai Mengde Wag Group global classic brand, Zhongshan Lingjun Coating Co., Ltd.)

8, 3A environmental protection paint 3Apaint (China famous brand, wall paint latex paint top ten brands)

9, friendship paint YQ (China famous brand, paint top ten brands, Guangdong Shunde Friendship Paint Building Materials Co., Ltd., top ten brands of wall paint)

10, Sakura Kurapaint (Top Ten Brands of Latex Paint Wall Topcoat, Jiangsu Famous Brand, Kunshan Sakura Paint Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)



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