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How to choose latex paint, diatom mud, wallpaper?

Not a small family will always encounter such multiple-choice questions when decorating the wall. What materials are good? Latex paint? Wallpaper? Diatom mud? What are the advantages and disadvantages between the three, how should they be constructed? The editor will analyze in detail for everyone:

Latex paint: A large class of synthetic resin emulsion coatings represented by acrylate copolymer emulsions, which are easy to apply, dry quickly, water-resistant, scrub-resistant, and environmentally friendly.

Wallpaper: Raw paper is produced from bleached chemical wood pulp, coated, printed, embossed or surface-coated, and finally cut and packaged. With a certain strength, toughness, beautiful appearance and good water resistance.

Diatom mud: interior decorative wall material with diatomaceous earth as the main raw material, with new environmental protection coatings that eliminate formaldehyde, purify air, regulate humidity, release negative oxygen ions, fire retardant, wall self-cleaning, sterilization and deodorization. .

Next, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three wall materials from different levels.

How to choose latex paint, diatom mud, wallpaper?

1. Construction

The requirements for the wall base layer before the three wall materials are laid are the same, and the putty is required to be carried out; the latex paint construction is quicker and more convenient;

It is difficult to lay wallpapers. Considering the verticality and the connection should be natural. There should be no air bubbles. Pay special attention to the treatment of the corners. The wear is larger than the latex paint, generally 10%.

The high level of construction technology of diatom mud can create a unique texture and texture.

Rolling paint

2, the price

For medium-sized products of three kinds of wall materials, latex paint is the cheapest, at 20 yuan/m2 per square meter (including labor);

The wallpaper cost is higher, and the wallpaper with better quality is 60 yuan/m2;

Diatom mud and artificial price are the most expensive, generally more than 200 yuan / m2.

3, decoration

Latex paint is mainly based on color, suitable for simple decorative style;

The wallpaper can quickly create a decoration style, and the selection is more, the specific stripe wallpaper stretches the space, and adjusts the spatial layering;

The diatom mud texture is rough and can create a natural, personalized texture effect.

Latex paint coloring effect

Wallpaper to create a sense of hierarchy

Diatom mud personality texture

How to choose latex paint, diatom mud, wallpaper?

4, performance

Latex paint is water-resistant and easy to scrub, but easy to crack;

The wallpaper can effectively prevent the cracking problem that is difficult to avoid in latex paint, and has good sound insulation effect, but generally it is not flameproof;

Diatom mud has the best sound insulation effect, fire retardant and resistant to 1000 °C high temperature, but it is a water-soluble veneer material, which can not be used in places where it is exposed to water such as balcony, kitchen and toilet.

5, environmental protection

Latex paint is relatively environmentally friendly. VOC and free formaldehyde can be volatilized quickly and properly ventilated. It has high-end photocatalyst latex paint products with catalytic degradation function, antibacterial and mildew proof, and purifying air.

Wallpaper pollution mainly comes from ink, glue, and special wallpaper materials.

The diatom mud itself has no pollution, can eliminate formaldehyde, release negative oxygen ions, regulate humidity sterilization, improve sleep quality, and create “breathable” walls;

6, persistence

Latex paint can be guaranteed for more than 10 years, and it is easy to repair, but there is a problem of color difference, which can be refreshed regularly.

The wallpaper is easy to scrub, but the coastal city with humid climate and the southern city with long rain and rainy weather are easy to curl and empty, and it is difficult to repair the damage. The damage needs serious replacement, color difference and service life of 3-5 years.

Diatom mud has the longest life, but it is not resistant to dirt and difficult to scrub. Poor diatom mud is also prone to moisture. However, the diatom mud can be shoveled off and mixed with water, and the performance is unchanged.

In summary, the first choice is the economical latex paint, the home furnishing is preferred wallpaper, the environmental protection and the budget is sufficient to choose diatom mud. Of course, different wall materials can be selectively applied to different wall surfaces to meet different living needs, but no matter which wall material is selected, the products of regular merchants should be recognized, especially for environmental protection, and should be carefully checked. Product related indicators.



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