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Exterior wall paint products should reflect the environmental protection of the product from 5 aspects

The application of exterior wall paint is constantly popularizing, and the competition is naturally escalating. The quality of customers' products is naturally getting higher and higher. One of the important points is that the environmental protection performance must be reflected.

When an exterior wall paint product is presented to customers, how many aspects can it show that the product is environmentally friendly?

1. Packaging appearance: The packaging of the product should be intact and have good sealing performance, especially at the seam of the iron barrel, there should be no turbidity and penetration. The product identification should include the product name, serial number, production date / batch number, and implementation standards. , Net content, shelf life, company name, address, contact phone number, and instructions for use.

Exterior wall paint products should reflect the environmental protection of the product from 5 aspects

2. Test report: All products produced by regular merchants should first have a formal national test report.

3. VOC content: VOC is a volatile organic compound. VOC content is one of the important indicators of environmental protection paint. The certification requirements for water-based interior wall coating environmental label products issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration stipulate that VOC must not exceed 100 grams per liter.

4. Odor: High-quality environmentally friendly wall paint should have a light odor and no odor or irritating odor. If there is an irritating odor or industrial flavor, it may be a defective product. The defective product not only affects the quality of construction, but also contains unqualified chemical raw materials, which can also endanger human health.

5, model: high-quality environmentally friendly wall paint sample model should feel smooth, delicate, full paint film and bright as new. And because of poor materials, the feel and fullness of the paint film is average. If you touch it lightly, it will lose powder and fade.

It can be seen that in the production process of external wall paint manufacturers, whether in the process of product use or the specifications of the product's appearance packaging, it is necessary to reflect the environmental protection performance of the product, so that customers can easily accept your product.



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