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Exterior paint agent

Exterior Coating Agents The Right Way to Guide Customers to Buy Exterior Coatings

Exterior Coating Agents The Right Way to Guide Customers to Buy Exterior Coatings

In today's decorative materials, exterior wall coatings have become the best choice for decorative exterior walls. As an exterior wall coating agent, facing facing a large number of customers, how to guide them to purchase satisfactory exterior wall coatings, the following issues should Have a full understanding.

First, don't focus on price and ignore quality

When buying wall paints, many people can easily get into the price mistake and ignore the quality misunderstanding. I always think that the higher the price of the coating, the better, so when looking for the most expensive to buy, but the actual results are not the case. In order to save money, the other extreme consumer uses the lower the price when buying, the better the money is, saving a lot of hidden dangers for the future wall quality and indoor environment. The correct way is to look at quality first and then price.

Second, don't just look at the packaging and ignore the inside

When consumers buy, they always value its packaging, so some manufacturers make a big fuss about product packaging in order to attract customers, exaggerating product performance. Therefore, in addition to looking at the product packaging, consumers also need to check the detailed test list of the product, as well as the environmental protection mark. This is the most powerful "pass" in the coatings market.

         Exterior Coating Agents The Right Way to Guide Customers to Buy Exterior Coatings

Third, do not require the color card to be completely consistent with the wall color

As many consumers must ask, the color of the paint on the color card is the same as the color of the wall, which is an impossible task. Because of the reflection of light everywhere, the color of the wall will usually be different than that on the color card after being painted. The correct way is to choose a color number that is slightly lighter than your favorite color, but if you like dark walls, you can also adjust the color with the selected color card.

Fourth, do not ignore the estimate of the amount of paint used

Many consumers often do not estimate the amount of paint used in advance, and are afraid to buy less paint, and always choose more when buying. This can easily result in waste of materials and increase costs, and excessive accumulation of paint also affects construction safety. Therefore, consumers are advised to look at the area of the construction area before construction to estimate the amount of materials purchased. The relatively simple method for estimating the amount of paint used is: the amount of paint required to apply one coat (L) = (wall area x 2.5) × the paintable area per liter of paint.

Five, don't think that odorless is environmental protection

Many people judge the safety of wall paint by smelling the odor, and think that low-odor or non-odor wall paint is environmentally friendly. However, by adding flavors or using low-odor materials, odor-free can be achieved. It can be seen that odorless coatings are not equal to environmental protection and non-toxic. The most professional method for judging the environmental protection of wall paint depends on whether its environmental protection indicators meet the standards. Just look at it: VOC, free formaldehyde, and heavy metals.

When the demand for exterior wall paint is increasing, the exterior wall paint agent is developing rapidly, so that consumers can find their own exterior wall paint, so as to ensure the continuous growth of their market!



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