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Emulsion paint agent

What is the formula of latex paint?

Latex paint is an indispensable water-based paint for modern home wall decoration. It has strong decorative and protective properties. Different colors can create different home atmosphere for us. Latex paint is widely used in various fields by modern people because of its many advantages. What is the latex paint formula? What is the interior latex paint formula? Please look down.

What is the latex paint formula?

With the development of modern society, latex paint has become one of the main choices for people's interior decoration. As a kind of water-based paint, it is the most widely used and most safe wall decoration material. It basically does not contain Harmful substances in the human body. In particular, many well-known latex paint brands at home and abroad have higher safety factors. So let's take a look at what the latex paint formula is.

Latex paint formula:

Raw material - weight - action

Water - 1.8

AP-4765-20 - lotion

NXZ—0.1—antifoaming agent

Texanol-0.7—filming aid

Ethylene glycol butyl ether - 0.3 - filming aid

Propylene glycol-0.4-freezing preventive agent

Sand, stone powder - 75 - grade aggregate

HS30000 (2.5%) - 4 - thickener


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What is the formula of latex paint?

Interior wall latex paint formula

Interior wall latex paint is a kind of decorative material which is widely used in modern home decoration. It has many advantages such as convenient construction, strong hiding power, rich color, scrub resistance, etc. The color is well matched and the quality is guaranteed. It can create a home for our home. Warm environment. Most people don't understand how the interior latex paint formula is. Let's take a look at the following small series.

Material Name - Quantity - Remarks: Water - 180 - Dispersion Medium, Triton Co-630-1 - Wetting Agent, CPA-4 Dispersant, L01-2 - Sterilization Preservative, LD-1 - Suds suppressor, Anatase White—100—BA0101, calcined kaolin—100—1250 mesh, heavy calcium carbonate—255-800 mesh;

After high-speed dispersion for 20 minutes, slow down the stirring speed, add the following: water - 140 - add lowering temperature, ethylene glycol - 10 - antifreeze, Texanol - 10 - filming aid, TL-615-180 - styrene Emulsion, 20% aqueous sodium hydroxide - 6 - pH regulator, AMP-19 - 2 - defoamer, MC - 201 - 2 - acrylic thickener, MC-35-7 - associative thickener.

Material Name - Quantity - Remarks: Water - 150 - Dispersion Medium, Triton Co-630-2 - Wetting Agent, KPA-3 - Dispersant, P-123-2 - Sterilization Preservative, FG-5-1 - Antifoam Agent, titanium dioxide-200-BA0101, heavy calcium carbonate-50-800 mesh; after high-speed dispersion for 20 minutes, slow down the stirring speed, add the following:

Water—150—added to lower temperature, AMP-19—defoamer, Texanol-20—filming aid, PU-40—1.5—polyurethane associative thickener, RS-998A—380—styrene-acrylic emulsion , AMP-95-2 - pH regulator, ethylene glycol - 30 - antifreeze, T-33-2 - acrylic thickener, MC35-3 - acrylic thickener.

The relevant knowledge about the latex paint formula is introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Latex paint is a water-based paint with excellent decoration and safety. However, the quality of latex paint products on the market is very uneven, which is extremely unfavorable for consumers. Therefore, Xiao Bian reminds you to be cautious when choosing latex paint, so as not to endanger your health.



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