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Emulsion paint agent

What should the latex paint agent pay attention to?

What should the latex paint agent pay attention to?

I want to start a business, and after I look at the market, I want to get some development in the coatings industry. The latex paint agent market has good prospects and good prospects. Many investors are all ready to do latex paint agents. The most important job of making latex paint agents is to choose the paint brand. So what should the latex paint agent pay attention to when joining the latex paint brand? Next, Xiaobian and everyone to list the things to pay attention to!

1. Is it the only agent in the region;

2, the supply price is a few fold of the retail price, and the difference between the supply price of the same grade products;

3. Some brands have sales requirements for dealers. If the corresponding task sales are completed, there is a rebate, and you need to know how many rebates. If not done, how to deal with it;

4. Does the company have other requirements, such as store size, store image, inventory, etc.

5. Whether there is related product certification, quality inspection report, etc.;

6. Whether to provide invoices;

7. Whether there are logistics providers in the vicinity;

8. It is supplied by the logistics company, or is there a direct supply from the company, and the delivery time is what it is;

9. Whether the engineering product can get a lower purchase price;

10, whether it is possible to return the goods, under which circumstances can return;

What should the latex paint agent pay attention to?

11. The quality, price and style of the products are competitive in the region; (very important! That is to say, even if you have not taken care of other aspects, as long as your products are in quality, price, and style. The region is competitive, you will not have any big problems)

12. Several aspects of product warranty. Such as: warranty period, which parts are not guaranteed;

13. Whether the sample or slow-moving products can be returned, and whether the company provides samples;

14. In terms of the advantages and disadvantages of other similar products and other similar brands;

15, the product is updated, how long it takes to produce new products;

16. Whether the product is saturated in the area;

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