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Decoration latex paint usage calculation Brand latex paint price

Latex paint is the most commonly used indoor wall paint for home decoration, but many people don't know how to calculate the amount of latex paint. It is the amount of how much the designer says and how much the worker says how much to use. This is a waste or bullying problem. If you don't understand, there is no way to supervise. The result is cost overrun, so the following small series will teach you how to calculate the amount of latex paint, and give you some brand latex paint price as a reference, so that you can save a lot of unnecessary troubles in the paint stage. .

装修乳胶漆用量计算 品牌乳胶漆价格
Decoration latex paint usage calculation Brand latex paint price

Conventional indoor latex paint usage calculation method

In the interior of a standard square room, in addition to the four sides need to be painted, it also has a roof, so you need to brush five sides, and in these five sides or more Or less have doors and windows, so you also need to subtract the area of the door and window, calculated as follows:

(length + width) * 2 * room height = wall area

Length * width = top area

Wall area + top area - door and window area = brushing area

The above is the wall area that is painted once. If it is painted many times, the number of times used is equal to the final brushing area.

At present, the theoretical coating area is indicated on the packaging of the paint latex paint on the market, and the final painting area/theoretical coating area of the room=the number of barrels of latex paint required.

However, the current indoor latex paint is divided into two kinds of primer and topcoat, which need to be purchased separately, so there are calculation formulas as follows:

Number of primers required = brushing area / primer theoretical coating area

Number of top paint buckets required = brushing area / topcoat theoretical painting area

Common brand indoor latex paint price

Brand indoor latex paint price list

Name theory painting area price

Dulux 2nd generation 5 in 1 clean wall paint -5L10-15m2/L245.00 yuan / barrel

Dulux no added five-in-one primer -5L10-15m2/L208.00 yuan / barrel

Dulux home Li'an moisture-proof net taste wall paint -5L10-15m2/L165.00 yuan / barrel

Dulux home Li'an net taste wall paint -5L10-15m2/L145.00 yuan / barrel

Dulux Home Li'an Primer-5L10-15m2/L130.00 yuan / barrel

PPG Master 17x-1110 Topcoat - 3.6L10-15m2/L540.00 yuan / barrel

PPG Master 17x-1180 Primer - 3.78L10-15m2 / L280.00 yuan / barrel

PPG master bamboo charcoal net taste full effect without adding wall paint -4.8L12-14m2/L630.00 yuan / barrel

PPG master net taste universal interior wall primer -5L10-12m2 / L270.00 yuan / barrel

Nippon gold net odor 5 in 1 wall paint -5L10-15m2 / L230.00 yuan / barrel

Nippon net taste all-round primer -5L10-15m2 / L148.00 yuan / barrel



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